Illustration Friday and Art Journal Progress

hand made journal art

A very quick sketch for Illustration Friday this week!

The weekly topic is shy so a cartoon of a girl peeping over a wall sprung to mind.

Here she is:

I’ve got so much going on right now that it’s difficult to keep up with everything I want to do aswell as being a great mum.

I’m keeping my creative goals in mind and on track and one of those goals was submitting an illustration each week so I’m happy to be making a submission.

I’ve also begun making my first art journal this week. I’m filling it with some great papers I have in my art boxes and painting the pages ready to be written on. I’m thinking about adding a theme too.

I absolutely adore art books, sketchbooks, journals etc. So making my very own is such fun!

I realised that what I’m making is actually called a smash book. This term had completely passed me by! I don’t think they are commonly sold in UK craft stores, as least not where I live. Smash books appear to be a journal with pre-decorated pages.

Whatever they are I love them and there’s some brilliant ones on Etsy that I’m so tempted by to fuel my stationary addiction!