Illustration Friday and Art Journal Progress

Illustration Friday and Art Journal Progress

A very quick sketch for Illustration Friday this week!

The weekly topic is shy. A cartoon of a girl peeping over a wall sprung to mind.

Here she is:

I’ve also begun making a new art journal this week. I’m filling it with some great papers I have in my art boxes and painting the pages ready to be written on.

I absolutely adore art books, sketchbooks, journals etc. So making my very own is such fun!

I realised that what I’m making is actually called a smash book. This term had completely passed me by! I don’t think they are commonly sold in UK craft stores, as least not where I live. Smash books appear to be a journal with pre-decorated pages.

Whatever they are I love them and there’s some brilliant ones on Etsy that I’m so tempted by to fuel my stationary addiction!

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  1. Hi Zoe,
    Love that you are making your own art journal. I just buy a visual art diary from the newsagent. I really love the idea of making my own though.

    A smash book is like a super quick scrapbook of every day life – not a planned out page like a scrapbook. It’s like an ephemera collection. Here is a video –
    And here is the smashbook site –

    Etsy is soooo addictive. I could browse (and shop!!!) on there for hours. Love all the collage packs and seeing other peoples handmade journals and prints from their own art journals.

    Who are some of your favourite art journal artists?


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