Image: She's mad but she's magic

Magical Monday: She’s Mad But She’s Magic

I’m a big fan of this quote by writer Charles Bukowski so decided to feature it in today’s blog post. It’s from one his poems called An Almost Made Up Poem. It’s a beautiful way to describe a woman, who is mad but also magic. To me it implies someone who is free and fun-loving. Whilst ‘there’s no lie in her fire’ tells… Read more →


Featured Artist – Pablo Picasso

I’m excited to write this post because it’s all about Picasso. Picasso has some brilliant quotes about art and creativity that have always really inspired me so here’s a couple of my favourites!! (okay more than a couple because there are so many). “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” “Painting… Read more →


Be the Change – Notes of Love

I’m trying out something on my blog called Be The Change Thursdays and every week I’m going to post an idea to do something positive for the world that anyone can do. Some weeks it will be something art and creativity related, other weeks it won’t be. I really believe that the more ‘good deeds’ we do, that goodness comes… Read more →

Level up in life

Levelling Up Discomfort!

Something really interesting happened when I put my first piece of art for sale on Etsy. It felt really really uncomfortable and something in my mind didn’t like it one bit! Not because it wasn’t what I wanted to do, but because it was new and unchartered territory. It’s the first time that I seriously put the message out into… Read more →